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Effective Solutions,
Empowered Clients


Excellent Service

Thank you for your professionalism, hard work, and for being consistent. We were completely informed, and satisfied with your diligence during our situation. We are completely satisfied with you representing us, and we highly recommend you.


Informative Consultation

I was extremely pleased with my consultation with David concerning my divorce case. I found his advice practical and empathetic. I plan to hire him to work on my case and I'm looking forward to working with him.


Excellent Lawyer

I have had David Mahood represent me on several of my cases and he was amazing. He will always fight for you.

Chryl G.

Great Lawyer

 David had given me legal advice which helped geting custody of my daughter, thanks to David I get my daughter back with his advice. Thank u David and God bless u.


Thorough, Knowledgeable and Hard Working on my Child Support Case

Mr. Mahood worked with me on my child support case and was very helpful. He approached the issues pragmatically and kept me realistically appraised of the potential outcomes. I'll address a few of the traits that I found to truly represent the quality of his work and who you will be dealing with when you choose his services:

Thorough- For anyone who has dealt with family court in the past you understand how important it is to get every detail correct. Mr. Mahood took his time reviewing all documents and ensured that all discovery documents were in good order. At no time did I feel like I was rushed or like he needed to get to his next client. Which is something I've experience from other attorneys in the past. He knew my case in and out, he took the time to get to know my situation and represented me properly.

Pragmatic- He approached my problems with a no nonsense attitude that kept expectations realistic. I was always kept informed of possible outcomes and the reasons for them. Mr. Mahood is not going to make false promises, he will also hold you accountable as a client to do the right thing.

Hard Working- There comes a crunch time in every case. The week before a case is spent reviewing discover and preparing for cases. Mr. Mahood EXCELS at this part of his profession. When it was time to prepare for the difficult and often stressful occasion of appearing in court, he was available to answer my questions and help me prepare.

Understanding- He understands how difficult different people's situations can be and works with them to better that situation. During every dealing I had with Mr. Mahood I felt as if I was dealing with a man of high moral caliber. He clearly feels a moral obligation to help people in need and get them the right outcome.

Flexible- Life happens and it is rarely convenient. In my case I live on nearly the other side of the world. I can't imagine trying to overcome the time difference and distance with any other lawyer. Given my work schedule and frequent travel I needed a professional who would be flexible in the unforeseen circumstances of my work and life, Mr. Mahood was able to do that.

Knowledgeable- Mr. Mahood's subject matter expertise was second to none. He knows the law, and will fight to ensure your rights are met. Furthermore, he displayed a great deal of judgment in considering how people may react to different pieces of evidence. He seemed to have an impressive ability to read how some things may benefit my case.

Mediator- Mr. Mahood was by far the best mediator I've worked with in the five attorneys I've dealt with in my cases. He appraised the situation appropriately and ensured I had no unrealistic expectations. He also helps to keep conversations level-headed and as always fights for the best outcome.

Fair- Mr. Mahood treats clients fairly and bills fairly. He treats people decently in a time that can be very stressful.

Lastly, I want to say that Mr. Mahood is an honorable man. He wants the best outcome for his client and any child involved. He maintained a high standard of ethics for himself AND for his clients. He is an example to be followed by other professionals in his field.


Very Caring Attorney

When I hired Mr. Mahood I was at my wits end and felt rather hopeless about getting what I deserved legally because my ex was determined to fight against my legal rights. My ex spent many months trying to hide from and avoid the process server, but this hard-working attorney was able to persuade the Court to Order alternative service of process and thus move the case forward. After much difficulty, Mr. Mahood helped me obtain everything I wanted at Court. Thank you so much for listening to me, for explaining everything in a way I could understand and for working so hard for me and my son. You are a wonderful attorney who really cared enough to help me all the way to the end, even though this was definitely not the typical case. Again, thank you so very much!


Top Notch Professional

Mr. Mahmood laid out details for me every step of the way. He was remarkably professional and showed tremendous insight. He made the whole process so much easier.



I am so amazed of what this man went out of his way and done for me I asked a question on here he asked me to call him and then I explained to him what was going on he emailed me different attorneys that are in my area that are willing to help me from the first time I heard him speak it gave me plenty of Hope this world sure would be a lot better place if there were more people like him that are willing to fight for what is right if you're searching for an attorney I would highly recommend this man thank you very much Dave


An Exceptional Attorney Who Just Wants the Best for You.

I will start this review by making it clear to everyone that I didn't pay him a penny and he didn't ask for a penny; even though his advice was so great and what I have sought for years!

He's the real thing and not out to get your money! I hope that I don't ultimately need his services, but he's the only attorney that I will hire if it comes to that!


Caring, Trustworthy, Great Advice and Went the Extra Mile

I am so thankful we called Mr Mahood when our family was going through the most difficult time of our lives. He was very helpful and gave great advice through the whole process. He really seemed like he genuinely cared about us. He was very available for us which is so important when in crisis mode. His advice was invaluable and I would highly recommend him for family issues.

P Hopkins


Mr. Mahood took time out of his busy schedule to help with an immediate issue. He then assisted me in so many ways and calmed my concerns and made me feel like I wasn't overreacting. He went above and beyond to help me with my situation. Very knowledgable and genuinely caring individual. I HIGHLY recommend him!


Fabulous Attorney, Goes the Extra Mile!

Mr. Mahood responded to a divorce question I posed dealing with threats from my ex spouse 5 years after our divorce. The most wonderful thing about his multiple responses was the level of thought he applied. It wasn't a cookie cutter response at all. You could clearly see that he gave my questions great thought and responded with exceptional detail. He was very encouraging as well which was comforting. After reading his responses I felt like I just left his office. There is a very positive attitude that he displays that makes you feel like things will work out for you. The advice was spot on in my situation as well. I was given very applicable instructions on how to help myself and limit negative outcomes. He even thought over my situation again after already responding once and he responded with another bit of advice he had thought about after we had finished communicating. Mr. Mahood will take the time to assist you with concise and practical advise which is all you can ask for in a service such as this. 5 stars aren't enough. Hopefully you will have the good fortune to have him respond to your issue. If I lived closer to his practice I would have already scheduled a consult! Good luck to everyone.


Great Family Lawyer!

David has been an excellent lawyer to work with. He assisted me with child custody/child support/move away case. From the start, David was sympathetic to my situation and showed that he genuinely cared to seek what was in the best interest of my daughter. He is very passionate about his work and does a thorough job.


Family Advice Session

The lawyer was knowledgeable took the time to listen and answer all my questions with insight and care.


Extremely Helpful!!!

Mr. Mahood is truly an exceptional lawyer that went well above and beyond for me. He provided excellent insight and advice about my situation and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer who is insightful and takes the time to listen. Thank you Mr. Mahood


Excellent Advice

Not only did David provide excellent, straightforward advice, he also followed up with a second call to provide clarity around the issue.

David earns my highest recommendation - learned much more than I expected and certainly well worth the price.


Divorce & Separation Advice Session

Outstanding attorney, I would give him twenty stars if I could.


Made divorce smoother. Quality work.

Wrote up all paperwork for my divorce, making things clear and easy to understand thus making things a lot go a lot smoother. Would recommend.


Great Job with Divorce and Custody Case!

After a frustrating experience with my first attorney who was never available, could never remember the details of my case and took weeks to respond to my questions and requests. I hired Mr. Mahood for my divorce and child custody case. It was like night and day, Mr. Mahood was extremely knowledgeable and quickly came up to speed on my case. Mr. Mahood successfully helped me through one of the toughest times of my life and I am very appreciative to have had such a solid attorney in my corner.


Divorce & Separation Advice Session

He was good in leading me in the right direction


Family Advice Session

I think the he is very good, and he give me some advice to find a lawyer who handle will and trust .

They can know about how to set a side of the will. thank you very much.


Divorce & Separation Advice Session

Answered all of my questions. Was so patient, making sure I understood what he was explaining.


Divorce and Prenuptial Agreement

David very successfully negotiated a potentially expensive divorce for me about 5 years ago and saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

Most recently, he just finished drafting and negotiating a prenuptial agreement for me and my new bride. The agreement is both fair and intelligent, and done on time at a fair cost.

I highly recommend him.


Family Advice Session



Happy Its Over and Happy Mr. Mahood Represented Me

Mr. Mahood represented me in a VERY high conflict emotionally wrecking custody battle. We created a strategy to protect my rights and the best interest of my beautiful child. He litigated fluently with all of the facts and evidence, persuading the judge of my needs. Mr. Mahood's legal answers here on AVVO reflect his insight and dedication to the law of Maryland and California.

Thank You David for protecting me


Family Advice Session

Excellent and thoughtful advice from a great lawyer.


Family Advice Session

He was good and helpful


Great Job!!!

I was lucky to have Mr. David Mahood as my attorney. His knowledge and experience made me to feel confident. He really made an excellent job. Thank You Mr. Mahood for helping me to get the absolute divorce.


Divorce & Separation Advice Session

Great! A quick phone call gave me some peace of mind.


Divorce & Separation Advice Session

I get a very quick response from David he is knowledgeable lawyer participate on AVVOAdvisor to help people , he did answer all my questions and concerns , he did take his time way more the 15 minutes I pay for. Thanks David.


Very Helpful!

Mr. Mahood was a great help. Even though we spoke on the phone only once, it was right before the holidays and he still spent an hour with me! He gave me a lot to think about and is very easy to talk to as I didn't feel rushed or overwhelmed by anything he said. If anything else comes up with my divorce, I will contact Mr. Mahood without hesitation!


Family Advice Session

The guidance I received was probably worth more than what I paid. M. David M. Is a straight-shooter and he didn't sugar-coat anything. He was upfront about his prices and realistic (with my current financial situation) with me in furthering my case. His knowledge of the law and ability to interpret it to convey in a language I understand. He gave me the guidance I need to make informed decisions.



After exhausting my savings (over 30K) trying to get a divorce from a controlling angry ex spouse and her very unethical attorney I had to represent myself in ProPer. So I hit to ask questions when ever I got stuck. Mr. Mahood responded to my questions and even followed up with a 40 minute call to make sure I understood what to do. For free!!. I truly feel if I had him as my lawyer I would have been done with the divorce over a year ago. Too bad he happens to be almost 3000 miles away.

Thank you Mr. Manhood. I really appreciate you for helping me restart my life!!

Thank you!!!!!!


Divorce & Separation Advice Session

Really good! Spent way over 15min. Gave me a number of very good ideas when I was

feeling lost. Listens to client. Attorneys know divorces backwards and forwards but the clients know where all the skeletons are buried, all the knitty gritty detail.


I Need Assistance with My Divorce Case

I needed help with my divorce case and immediately Mr Mahood got me in for a free consultation. He is a very professional, informative, no nonsense, honest and straight to the point type of man He talks to you, and not at you or above you. MOST IMPORTANTLY HE LISTENS TO HIS CLIENTS THEN ACT ON THEIR BEHALF. This is very important in a atty client relationship. It should not be the attorney dictating to you, not working for you but against you and always threatening to drop your case because you don't always agree and he wants to be the boss. I received excellent service and advice. Thank you very much Mr Mahood and thank you Avvo.


Swift, Relevant Advice with Additional, Unforeseen Concerns Identified.

Frankly, the title sums things up nicely. My question concerned issues related to a real estate transaction and Atty Mahood identified a potential avenue of recourse in his reply that hadn't even occurred to me, in addition to answering the original question. His swift response did well to assist me in pinpointing my focus as I go forward.


Divorce & Separation Advice Session

Excellent service and was able to get quite a lot of initial information.


Put My Mind at Ease that My Husband's Ex-Wife Couldn't Pull Me Into Their Legal Problems.

Was worried because I added my new husband and his son to my health and dental insurance at my job. My new husband's ex-wife said she was going to list me as financially responsible on the doctor/dental bills and if I have negative credit I could lose my clearance causing me to lose my job. David reassured me that legally she cannot list me as financially responsible just because I added him to my insurance. It really put my mind at ease.


Honest and Fair

I found David Mahood by browsing the web for knowledgeable attorneys that handle uncontested divorce cases. David’s knowledge of the law was very helpful during my divorce and he always looked out for my best interests in a manner that was fair to my spouse. If you're looking for someone who's honest and fair, you have found the right person for the divorce battle ahead of you. While all court cases are not the same, Mr. Mahood will go above and beyond to lighten the burden on your shoulders and make it as streamlined as possible for you. I never once felt overwhelmed during the process! I'm very pleased at how everything turned out in the end.


Honest Representation.

Before hiring David to handle my divorce/ custody battle I was in the middle of talking with several other attorneys. One thing I noticed immediately was that David had listened to me talk and immediately advised me on a personal level. David was the only attorney I had spoke with that spoke to me about me, about how I was feeling and offered very good advise even before we discussed the financial end of representation. David showed me real concern for my particular situation, I never felt like my case was not as important as other cases were to him. It always seemed that David had given my case thought and he always gave me good sense of direction. David is a professional, he treats everyone with respect and had the ability to teach me a thing or two about humility along the way. I have the up most respect for David Mahood, as a result of his tutelage I wound up with custody of my two sons. I am very pleased.


David Mahood is the Best

David Mahood,will be working with my son and I for him to start seeing his son again,he gave us so much information and we been working on what he told us..David is amazing,My son is so excited about the outcome


True Attorney that Really Cares About You Mr. Mahood Is Family for Life

Mr Mahood was just another attorney answering a question to my divorce and child custody battle and current status. now he not only gave me great advice but kept in touch to see how it was going and lead me to victory on my own. this shows me that all attorney are not just money but heart too .. I refer everybody to this website now because he gave me faith that there are real people out there still ... thank you again Mr Mahood for advise . or I'll just call you dad lol :) take care sir kit.


Great Attorney, Helping a TON in Custody Case!

I'm going through a pretty sticky custody case right now, I tried for months to handle it Pro Se, but after my pendente lite hearing I knew I would need help. David had already answered most of the the questions I've asked on, so it only made sense to hire him as my attorney. The initial consultation was supposed to be only 30 minutes, but our conversation went nearly 2 hours(which he did not bill me for mind you). He is very informative, and after every conversation you will leave knowing WAY more about law and life than you did before. I'd recommend David Mahood to anyone(especially dads) dealing with custody issues.


Honest Family Law Attorney

I got help from David Mahood regarding an employment dispute for unpaid wages. He effectively and efficiently resolved my issue and I quickly got my unpaid wages paid to me! I appreciated his knowledge and ability to get fast results. I recommend him to other people who want an honest and knowledgeable attorney.


Highly Recommended

I came across Mr. Mahood by searching the internet for high profile attorneys that handle custody and divorce. Mr. Mahood’s experience and knowledge of the law has been extremely helpful. I am currently going through my divorce, his experience and wisdom is so helpful. If you are looking for someone who will tell the truth and keep it straight, you have found that right attorney. We all have unexpected issues that come up in life and Mr. Mahood would be a great person to have on your team. He is dedication to his clients and has wisdom that has helped me with normal life issues.


Terrific Job!!!

I was served with an Ex-parte and didn't know what to do so I waited, for my surprise the judge granted the father his petition to enroll my daughter in his school district and that would mean that eventually my daughter was going to live with her father so I called couple lawyers in the area and I get no respond. My close friend knew Mr. Mahood since she lost contact with him from while back, she searched on the net and found Mr. Mahood's email, sent an email. To my surprise, he responded right away. Mr Mahood called her and we started explaining what was going on with my case. Since his office was not located in the State of California, He listened carefully as we talked for couple hours on the phone. After that long talk, he mention that he was willing to review all my court papers that I was served with, helped me with my court's hearing, declaration and do and ex-parte for a affordable flat fee, including the airfare,and the trip's expenses. He flew from Maryland to California and stay for a week to accomplish what we agreed over the phone. Mr Mahood spent large amount of time talking to the other party's attorney, gathering information and the most important thing preparing the response to the father allegations. I really like the way Mr Mahood approched the father's allegations. Mr. Mahood took the time to think and gather thoughts to respond to father's allegation, since the father tried to denigrate me, Mr Mahood made sure that the judge knew the kind and loving mother I was and I am to my daughter, supporting every single thing with proof. The response and declaration were two of the strongest key in this battle. Mr.Mahood has a tremendous capability to think and express one's thoughts in writing. Also Mr Mahood well represented me in court. Because of all the effort and time that he put into my case, we won the case and the judge ruled on my favor this past September 20, 2012. I am extremely happy about the job Mr. Mahood did for me and my family. Now my daughter is where she belongs, with mom. Thank you Mr. Mahood!