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Child Custody & Support Attorney in Baltimore County, Maryland

Meet With a Child Custody Attorney

Child custody is a sensitive issue that requires a careful approach. Doing what's best for the child should always be at the forefront of your mind as this can impact their physical and mental growth and development. David Mahood, Attorney can represent you if you need a child custody attorney in Owings Mills, Maryland. Attorney Mahood believes that your child's peace of mind, stress and comfort are all important factors to take into account when dealing with a custody issue.

What to Expect from Custody Proceedings

During custody proceedings, you'll encounter many difficult questions. Your child custody attorney will work with the judge and opposing counsel to answer questions like:

  • Where will your children live?

  • How will you make decisions about their lives?

  • Who will have primary custody of the children?

Attorney Mahood believes that the focus of child custody law proceedings should be on what's safest and most beneficial for the child. Speak to him today about your situation.

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Work With a Child Support Attorney

Child support law comes into play once the court determines custody. This can be a complicated process that requires significant documentation. David Mahood, Attorney in Owings Mills, Maryland, can assist you during this time. With help from Attorney Mahood, you can make it through this hard process with reduced stress.

Learn More About Child Support

Even if the courts grant full custody to one parent, both parents may be responsible for fulfilling the child's needs. In most cases, the court will require the parent without custody to pay child support. This is a mandated payment based on a variety of factors. You may have to gather documentation for information like income, assets, and other financial information. Luckily, a child support attorney can assist you.

You can trust Attorney Mahood to walk you through this process. Call now to speak to him about child support law.